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Lanota v1.6.1 + [Mod Paid Chapter Purchased] [KOR]

글쓴이 : 익명글쓴이 날짜 : 2017-09-13 (수) 11:48 조회 : 159
다운로드 : Lanota v1.6.1 + [Mod Paid Chapter Purchased] [KOR] (2.2G)
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주의. 링크를 통해서 직접 다운로드 하실분들만 설치하시길 바랍니다 (사용함으로 해주셔야만 정상 작동합니다)



1. 다운로드 하신 후 압축을 풀어줍니다.

2. OBB 파일은 폴더채 Android/obb 폴더 안에 넣어주시면 됩니다. 

경고 : 게임이 끝까지 진행 될지는 저도 잘 모르겠습니다.(걍 해보실분만 다운로드 하시길 바랍니다)

알림 : 음악[건반(?)] 게임 입니다. (RPG게임이 아니더군요)

주의 : 일부 스마트폰 기종에서는 정상 작동하지 않을 수 있습니다.

주의 : 게임 설치 및 실행 테스트만 하였기에 게임 전반적인 자세한 내용은 잘 모릅니다. 이점 양해 부탁드립니다.

주의 : 차후 업데이트버전이 나올시  게임실행이 안될수도 있습니다. 이점 유의해주시길 바랍니다.

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알림 : 더 자세한 정보는 위에 구글플레이스토어 링크로 가셔서 확인 하시길 바랍니다. (설명은 구글번역기 사용 하세요)

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Lanota v1.6.1 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: “Lanota” is a novel and refreshing blend of rhythm game, role-playing game and picture book for every curious mind, presented to you by indie game developers from Taiwan.

수정됨_IMG_20170912_115912.png   수정됨_IMG_20170912_115925.png













The world is being gradually etched by a disaster that deprive every color and sound. Join the adventure of the hero and heroine in Lanota, explore a fog-covered map and recover the world by delicate “tuning” at the location of each stage, read a picture book that illustrates things happened on the journey, and collect items and pieces of music as the story progresses!

>> Storyline

“History is learned through the sacred silence.”

The story happens in a world much like that we used to know but somehow a little bit different.

Since two and half centuries ago, almost all of the world is lost in a colorless silence under the effect of “Al Niente.” The affected area can only be restored by using an artificial product from the era before Al Niente: the “Notalium.” However, the original method people used to produce Notalium before Al Niente has yet to be determined, and it is impossible to produce more Notalium for now. The only way to recover from the desolation and ensure a peaceful and harmony world is to make use of the remaining Notalium.

Join the journey of the main characters - Fisica and Ritmo -* *to restore the world with the “Notalium tuner,” change the “disordered” Notalium into their “ordered” state by “tuning” them, and discover a colorful world accompanied by the sound of music!

>> Features:

* Uniquely designed “plate animation” and 3D-falling manner add a fresh taste to the rhythm game.
* Join the adventure by reading a touching story in an artistic picture book.
* Learn more about the world in Lanota by exploring the map and collecting various items as in a role-playing game.
* 10 levels in 3 difficulties for beginners, advanced players and expert players to select charts that fit their need.
* Challenges to test your nerves and unlock more hidden features.
* 16 brilliant tracks each by world-famous artists accompanied by the story.
* See your achievements and leaderboards, compete with players all over the world.
* Also share your memories in Lanota through Facebook and Twitter with your friends.
* And more to discover by yourself!


Version 1.6.1: bug fixes and some improvements.

New in version 1.6:

Add Expansion F “Notalium Administration -Special Specimen Room-“
Add a new free stage in “Ritmo’s Room -Daytime-“

새로운 기능

버전 1.6.1: 버그 수정 등을 실시했습니다.

버전 1.6 변경점:
확장팩 F 「노탈리움 관리국 -특수 표본실-」 이 추가되었습니다.
「리모의 방 (낮)」에 새로운 무료 스테이지를 추가하였습니다.

All Paid Chapters Unlocked
Full Game Unlocked

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Lanota v1.6.1 + [Mod Paid Chapter Purchased] [KOR]
[ 바로감상 ] [ 다운로드 ]


총 게시물 740건, 최근 12 건
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